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Chinese home decoration design concept(Hits:) 
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The living environment is particularly important for people's self-cultivation, in today's society, with the development of society, people are more and more attention to the residential decoration. Chinese style decoration is the most popular style of decoration.

Decoration to adhere to practical, comfortable, ecological and cultural concept of the four. The ancient Chinese design institutions Xuan Xiaobian overview of these ideas, let you get more fully understand.

一、Practical idea
      People every day in their home life, activities, and therefore, a reasonable decoration is the need to design according to their needs. That needs to be practical. Chinese style decoration Home Furnishing more than art, not the museum, it is the people's homes, and therefore should be practical, must not have the order reversed. Whether Chinese decoration decoration in the living room, bedroom, or the kitchen, bathrooms, from the practical starting point for a reasonable design, make people feel suitable for living.
二、Comfortable idea
      Have a warm harbor to make people dream of. To make people comfortable living should be one of the important purposes of Chinese style decoration. Should pay attention to the design of leisure space, to make a person into their home on the home feeling. There is a feeling of home, which seems to be very common and very general requirements, but it is precisely the most basic requirements of the most important. If even such a minimum requirements can not be achieved, the luxury of Chinese style decoration and what is the meaning?
三、Cultural concept
      Chinese style decoration decoration is the embodiment of cultural taste, it conveys the unique cultural information master the words, most avoid waking the crowd. A combination of space layout, indoor furniture furnishings display, color design, the Chinese, like simple, love or complicated, should reflect their own personality characteristics, reflect their cultural connotations, reflecting their own aesthetic taste. Chinese decoration should pay attention to the improvement of cultural quality on the basis of practical, because a good living environment can not be ignored in the role of people. In order to create a good living environment, the traditional Chinese style decoration of the cultural concept can not be ignored.
四、Ecological idea
      Health is more important than beauty, this is the common sense, but many people just forget this point in the decoration. Such as the ceiling in a few years ago, it looks exquisite designs, but the room height is greatly reduced, is not conducive to ventilation and lighting, is not conducive to the health of the human body, now this practice has been abandoned by most people. Chinese style decoration decoration should choose non-toxic harmless pollution-free, in line with the "green standards" of the material, do not let the invisible "killer" into the home and they do not know.

From a person's living environment can be seen in his pursuit of a better living environment and dreams. Some people think that Chinese high-end decoration, not only need expensive materials piled up also requires a luxurious style of the show, in fact, this is often the mistake into the decoration. In fact, Chinese style decoration is the human body as the premises, but also the carrier of human spiritual, Chinese style decoration should be practical oriented, on the basis of high culture grade.

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