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Solid wood composite door "challenge" the traditional solid wood door(Hits:) 
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Now more and more consumers to buy the factory processed and finished products of the doors, but in some products, there is often misunderstanding: only "all wood. Many consumers to shop to buy Wooden products, the first thing is to ask" is not a full solid wood, heard a negative answer, turned go or on the grade of the product greatly reduced, in fact, this is because of lack of knowledge of modern wooden doors. The modern and traditional wood doors with wooden doors, mostly in pine or import filling material for door frame, external application of MDF and wood veneer, after hot pressing made. From a scientific point of view, called "solid wood composite door".

Tell from material, door core framework through drying and scientific processing, has been brought under strict control, its moisture content is not easy to deformation, high flatness, is the world's universal high quality wooden door aggregate; From facing, natural solid mumupi nature not only beautiful, has certain thickness and wood (generally high quality imported wood veneer thickness of 0.6 mm), the wooden door with good protection, at the same time have the same appearance as the door of completely real wood. Because of completely real wood is very precious, so, generally used only for varieties and parts of the material is less, wait like batten, sealing side small local, as a result, real wood sealing side, stick wood is contemporary wood door the practice of highest grade, even is imported advanced European wooden door.

From the material, door frame after drying and processing, its moisture content has been strictly controlled, not easy to deformation, smoothness is very high, is a universal quality wooden aggregate; from finishes speaking, not only with natural wood veneer natural appearance, and fitted with a certain thickness (the thickness of veneer is generally imported 0.6mm), has a good protective effect on the wooden doors, wood doors and also have the same appearance. Because the whole wood very valuable, therefore, generally used only for materials and parts fewer species, such as wood, edge and other small local, therefore, solid wood edge, veneer is the highest level of modern wooden practice, even imported advanced European wooden door and so.

Of course, many modern wooden decorative materials, including wood and stickers are common, but the grade is completely different, rich natural wood veneer texture, appearance and impact, but the price is relatively high, and the wooden door stickers easily damaged, afraid of the water, but the price is low, which belongs to the popular products. Customers shop doors, solid wood veneer is clear, or sticker is very key, solid wood, veneer can be called "cherry wood", and stickers can only call the "cherry wood doors".

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