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The use of the power plate method(Hits:) 
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The balance of lateral movement in science, the amplitude of the superposition principle, let the fat body exercise, calorie consumption, elimination of excess fat around the product, daily use only 5 to 10 minutes, you can burn the calories.

It is through the high-speed frequency conversion motor, fast and efficient impact and launched the body of excess fat, and through the elastic fiber activation of hip and thigh, waist and abdomen, prevent regeneration and accumulation of surplus fat, accelerate energy metabolism of stubborn fat, can perfectly achieve body slimming effect.

Here to give you a brief introduction of the three best to use is also the most commonly used steps.

1 when using liposuction machine, as a standing posture, because standing in the process of abdominal as the center of the body, the vibration amplitude was largest, therefore, the fat movement frequency is greater. This will be more conducive to weight loss effect. Of course, if you do not love to stand, also can try to use other ways such as yoga meditation.2 in the course of reducing weight, food as much as possible the low heat of protein, this is more conducive to the consolidation of the effect.3 after successfully lose a small pot, continue to use the rejection of fat products, and maintain good habits, and not see a small pot.
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